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Passion Project

In our class we had to choose a topic that we are passionate about, I choose a traditional japanese book about manga. I have started researching my project and i have come up with this!

The history of manga is said to originate from scrolls dating back to the 12th century; however, whether these scrolls are actually manga is still disputed, though it’s believed they represent the basis for the right-to-left reading style. Other authors report origins closer to the 18th century.

I’ve learnt alot more but thats all i wanted to write… i hope you learnt something see you later!


Hi! My name is Kobe! Welcome to my blog! Right, now I want to share my interests with you! I am an AFL (Australia Football League) fanatic, and spend most of my time kicking the footy in the backyard with my brother. I like anime, my favourite anime is One Punch Man. When I am bored I draw random things like monsters. Anyways I have a question for YOU. What is your favourite sport? Also don’t forget to check the blogging guidelines Ok that’s enough from me, for now…